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Friday, February 29, 2008

Round One

Off it comes. Blade crops it off for St. Baldricks at Hibernian Friday afternoon with Tripp Tracy of the Hurricanes doing play by play live on 96rock .

Round two with the rest of the boys Saturday starting at 1pm

Mohawk live on 96rock with Hurricanes announcer Tripp Tracy

Hurricanes TV Announcer with Blade Friday afternoon

All this talk of head shaving...96rock is shaving it's head this weekend for kids cancer for St. Baldricks day...the public is invited to attend Friday at Hibernian at 2pm as The Carolina Hurricanes and Blade lop it off and also Saturday at Hibernian starting at noon where the rest od 96rock shaves it off. The bald look does look okay on some people...but does it look good on the girls?

listener audio: speak out for bald

The Mohawk 1992

(Ummm...what is that lump behind Blade's ear?)

Foster: "The last time I shaved my head, it scared my daughter to death."

Stay tuned for the St. Baldricks day photos ladies and always...

We'll be here all week.

: )

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gary Busey

Starting Four

(Kat Von D with Foster and The Blade)

Yesterday's Docket:

1) Gruff. The word is gruff. That's how you would describe Gary Busey treating the 11 year old paporazzi.

Foster: "If it were my daughter I'd pop him in the beak."
Blade: "ahahahahahaha"

2) Losing your hair. Some have the head for it some don't. The big day is Saturday at Hibernian in Raleigh-St. Baldricks Day...96rock gets shaved for kids for cancer...everything starts at 12 noon...let's all represent, huh? We do it yearly. Blade gets his head shaved with Niclas Wallin and Tripp Tracy of the Carolina Hurricanes a day early...on Friday at The Hibernian at 2pm. Catch all the action live on 96rock.

discuss: the ugly heads

3) 5 O' Clock Funnies: It's Letterman again...he's not only going after McCain...he's also busting Ralph Nader's chops.

Twin beating

Photo Of The Day

4) Since we can't show Diablo Cody "in action" (stripping) on this fine Curtis Media web log (of course we have the photos-duh) we'll just have to say it.


We'll be here all week.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Valerie Bertinelli

The Starting Three

1) Valerie Bertinelli is now not only telling people she and Eddie Van Halen cheated on each other...but she is telling people WHO she cheated with. We don't care really, but it's barely worth a look because it was a slow day.

It did raise the question though, would you want an ex singing from the mountain top about your fling.

audio: Foster: "Yes if it was Valerie Bertinelli"

Blade: "No-shut up it's nobody's business"

2) Weird Observation Of The Day: Blade saw the video of Lindsey Lohan slipping on her arse coming out of a nightclub in LA over the weekend...but it wasn't about that worthless actress with the fabulous bosoms making a fool of was about jealousy. Jealousy of the fact it was pouring rain there.

audio: look at all that beautiful, beautiful rain

3) We played a clip of the new Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda...who they found through youtube-pretty durned good.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Christopher Titus

Bring Us The Jokes!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Gene Simmons

It had to be addressed

The Gene Simmons Sex Tape

(oh, we have actual pics that depict the entire misapropriation, but we are sparing you)

Emails and Phoners to the show:

"You've shown us everything you've got. And, baby baby it's not a lot"

“I guess she was afraid he was going to slip her the tongue.”

"it was funny and awful all at once and in the end, it never should have happened."

Foster and The Blade's view on the Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Old Man

The Starting Three

1) The 5 O'Clock Funnies: Letterman is all over John McCain because he is old. The cat is 72 years old-do we want a 72 year old President?
This is what John McCain looks like.

2) Hillary Clinton tried to start her own chant. You can't start your own chant.
Don't even try

3) A Carolina student after red paint was "spilled" on the UNC Old Well: "NC State is not our rival. Duke is our rival." That is correct for basketball...however...

"None of you even deserve the term "rivals" when we talk about football."-Blade

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top Of The Hill

Today's Starting Three

1) The Top Of The Hill in Bunn is no longer Top Of The Hill. Franklin County's historical gathering place for the men and the topless girls of the county has been saved. It is now a church. What happened to the mechanical bull we ask? Did they take it?

2) The Great Denials of all time since Roger Clemens keeps trying to deny his use of steroids.

3) Botulism Cards in the grocery store may be a bad sign.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lindsey Lohan

Today's Starting Five:

1) Lindsey Lohan's nude shots of her being Marilyn We made an uncensored photo of her and saved it as wallpaper for Adam 12-something nice to start his 6-10pm shift off with. And yes, very nice.

2) The new R.E.M. "Supernatural Superserious". We played that and also "So. Central Rain" and "Crush With Eyeliner". Because REM has been so forgotten...they have a date at Walnut Creek set for June 10th.

3) NBA's Slam Dunk wasn't too bad. "Birthday Cake" where Gerald Green leaps and blows out the candle of the cupcake sitting on the backboard and slams 'er down.

4) This weeks Vid: Was this marriage proposal slam dunk at center stage planned? OF COURSE it was. See for yourself.

5) Aries Spears doing his famous Shaq impression-haha!

Friday, February 15, 2008


On Foster and The Blade Thursday

Foster Presents:

The Things You DON'T Want To Hear From Your Valentine.

It's kind of a seafood themed night. You bought me lobster for dinner...and later, I'll give you crabs.

Don't think of them as socks-think of them as lingerie for your cankles.

Yes yes yes! That was me in the video with Screech.

Thank you thank you-we'll be here all week.

Two weeks down

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jack Nicholson

On Foster and The Blade Wednesday:

The pictures of 65 year Jack Nicholson came out earlier last year... The man will have his fun. Yeah he's got the man boobs and he's old and all but...

We discussed the line that Jack has said is his icebreaker in a social situation...he walks up to a hottie and and he knows she's saying "here comes the hit" and he says..."did you get pregnant?", weather he knows her or not and there you go. "It keeps a woman off balance".

So have to giggle at "man boobs"...the word of the day.

Rock on Jack.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Joey Buttafuoco

On Foster and The Blade Tuesday:

Can you believe what we have to go through now? I had to sit there and watch (while we were on the air) Amy Fischer talk about sleeping with Joey Buttafuoco now that he's 50 because they spent a week together trying to reconcile. She actually said that it was "ewwwwwwww". OMG STOP!!!

Do we need that visual???? NO!!!! She said it was okay when he was 33 but he hasn't taken care of himself and he's gross and fat. She, however, isn't too bad-she did augment, of course. You can find her sex tape out there if you look-but only do it if you have nothing better to do.

The Quote Of The Day: "I don't care that Mary Joe has a bullet rattling around in her head, she's a multimillionaire because of all this."
-Amy Fischer

Amy Fischer and Joey Buttafuoco-the veritable scum of the earth.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Grammys Day Two

Lou Gossett Jr.

Bridgette Nielsen

Tia Carerre

Paul Rodgers

Nikki Sixx-Motley Crue and SixxAM

Stage for opening ceremony outside the Staples Center with Foo Fighters

Janet Jackson with someone-it's not Michael we don't think.

Kim Kardashian-Daughter of Robert Kardashian and dating Reggie Bush

Updated Video:

Appearances by:

Eliot Yamin-American Idol
Tera Patrick-Thee Adult Film Star
American Gladiators
Patrick Warburton-Seinfeld
Kat Von D-Tattooist for the stars

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Grammys Day One

Backstage: Showtime 12 noon PST

American Gladiators-Wolf and Justice

Eliot Yamin-American Idol

Foster and The Blade 30 minutes before showtime

Kat Von D-Famed and Acclaimed tatoo artist

Tera Patrick-Adult Film Star

Patrick Wharburton of "Rules of Engagement" and "Putty" in Seinfeld

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Opening Night

Foster and The Blade Opening Night at The Hibernian

Foster and The Blade Opening Night at The Hibernian on Glenwood Avenue last night...Jimmy Vinerini and his handstand and you can't see the fact that he's holding a drink in one hand while he's doing the handstand.

The happiest guy in the world is Mike Hartel, a Giants fan, he is our GM who has his back to us behind Foster...he stayed around for a moment and then hurried home to rewatch the Super Bowl ahahaha. We decided it ws best for Foster to run the board for the first couple of days and that was our proudest achievement for opening day-no technical glitches. It was unbelievable for me to be able to play Everlast and Janes Addiction but still play Children Of The Sun. Our first song was by The Who. Long Live Rock.

We ran the poor traffic guy ragged...we were laughing and dicking around and running late and totally screwing him up but he made every single report on time-a fine job. He better not have high blood pressure. I shouldn't have called him "traffic boy"...that was mean and I feel bad.