Foster and Blade TV

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Foster And The Blade Debuts February 4th

Foster and The Blade starts Monday February 4th on 96rock.

The Sign-On is scheduled for 2pm with the first song at 2:08pm and it is a song by The Who.
Blade will explain everything that has happened and then it's time for the first two man afternoon team in triangle rock radio history.
Hang on. We mean it.

It's Grammy Week and Foster and Blade head to LA for the 50th Grammy Awards presentation and they'll send back all the potent and impotent celebrity interviews. Blade obviously will continue his pathetic ode to an encounter with the now reclusive and philanthropic Parasite Hilton and we'll let you know how that goes.

96rock's webcam will be on when we want it to be on. You can catch the interviews we want you to see. If we let you see them all, you'll see how unprofessional we are at times. Can't have that.

We'll send all the interviews to ya live on the air Thursday and Friday from LA. Stay tuned to 96rock for the list of scheduled celebrities.