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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

F&B 2008 Sports Turkey Of The Year

Foster & The Blade 2008 Sports Turkey Of The Year

All two ballots were cast and here he is...the 2008 Effin' Blade Sports Turkey Of The Year!


His list of accomplishments:

  • Ratting out or calling out the entire Packers organization
  • Reneging and reneging again and again. And then reneging.Will it never stop
  • Giving Packer offensive schemes to his hunting partner Matt Millen, formerly of the Detroit Lions
  • And above all, somehow managing to keep his personal life and his face in front of us on television again and again and again, all year long.


Other viable candidates for the 2008 Sports Turkey Of The Year

Ocho Cinco-Even though we get a laugh every time

The Entire Detroit Lions Organization-worse than ever

Barry Melrose-getting fired after berating his team and not showing up for practice for The Lightning

and this late entry: Plaxico Burress-He shot himself in the leg over the weekend ladies & gentlemen.