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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Weirdest People Of Our Time

The movie is in "new releases" at Blockbuster. He has GOT to be the weirdest human being of our time. Who are the others.

Michael Jackson

Dennis Rodman

Anna Nicole

Others mentioned on The Show:

-Paula Abdul (and getting weirder all the time)
-Dr. Phil (tells you what to do and then berates you in front of millions)
-Amy Winehouse (something new every day)
-Pee Wee Herman (pleasing himself like no other could...what a terrible way to ruin a career)
-Angelina Jolie (you mean besides starting her own United Nations? How about the blood vile with Billy Bob Thornton)
-Gary Busey (ummmm...just really weird)
-Johnny Knoxville (The movie Jackass. The man stapled his own....)