Foster and Blade TV

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blade Looks Back On 25 Years - "Resigning On The Air"

"Just like that, the station I had been at for 22 years turned from rock to country, with absolutely no regard for all that it had been to me, it's staff members and the community. It pissed people off. It was a good station for many years, a Rolling Stone Magazine station of the year twice and just like that with not even an explanation, it's gone. What a bad move. They had asked me to stay on and be the afternoon drive dj and I tried it for three days until I had to play Tammy Wynette 'Stand By Your Man' and that was it. I played one more song from Sugarland and resigned on the air.
I put on "The Song Is Over" By The Who and stood and listened until they cut if off. Then I picked up my backpack, flipped off the light switch, and walked out of the building."


I had to go away for a year and after that. Foster called me up and asked if I wanted to join in and I said, 'always have' and we fired up the rest of "The Song Is Over" on February 2nd 2008 to finalize the burial, and the rest is history.

And I love 96rock. I love our music.