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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 5 DJ Smokebreak Songs

The story is that "Stairway To Heaven" got popular because in the day, the DJ's would play it so they could go outside and smoke, because it was over 8 minutes long. We know that's not true because "in the day" you could stay inside and smoke (whatever you wanted). You didn't have to leave the room. Plus, the song is too good to leave the room for, you wouldn't want to miss it.

F&B's Top Five List

5. Jessica-The Allman Brothers band
4. Foreplay/Long Time
3. Free Bird (The 96rock demo version is 9:42)
2. (Do You) Feel Like We Do-Peter Frampton (14 minutes long!)

The Greatest DJ Smokebreak Song:

"Dark Side Of The Moon*

Just plop on side one and make sure you got back from doing whatever it was you were doing before "Great Gig In The Sky" ended. The first side was 18+ minutes.

*(If you think about it, it is just one long song. It's all dark really.)