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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wetting in Jumpoff's Bed/The Jumpoff Rules

Some pointers submitted to The Show by former jumpoff "Amy"

  • Don't give them your real name
  • Don't tell them where you work, live, or give them any names and info on your friends. Keep convo beige.. "Oh I have a friend that's been there".. that sort of thing.
  • No landline numbers… that reverse look up is a biatch!!!
  • Don't get whipped/sprung/turned out…Don't bring out the props, don't let them try the newest techniques,/positions on ya… and definitely no love making.. kissing in the mouth, looking deep into the eyes, full body massages and tongue exploration etc….
Show Video Episode #15 "Wetting The Bed/Very Important Jumpoff Rule"

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