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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What A Long Strange Trip

The longest you've driven for the show.

Weenie Road Trip

Foster: 5 hours-Syracuse to Montreal-DMB 1997
Blade: 4 1/2 hours Wilmington to Greensboro-Supertramp 1980
Robin: 5 hours to Charleston SC for Pat McGee Band 2003

**REAL**Road Trips

Deadhead Steve-3 1/2 years-the Grateful Dead 1974

Friend of The Show-2700 miles from Raleigh to LA for King Crimson and Tool 1991

Texhead Mike: 12 1/2 hours from Upstate to Raleigh for The Who 1989.

Friend Of The Show-24 hours for Phish in 1996 -12 hours to the show including the 12 hour traffic jam.

show audio: friends of the show chime in