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Friday, February 25, 2011

Blade: My 5 Favorite Guitar Solos

Blade's Vault All This Week

I didn't say the GREATEST guitar solos. I'm saying my FAVORITE guitar solos.

Guitar solos meaning guitar breaks in the middle of songs or at the end. Ones that I can and have listened to over and over and still love.

Monday Number 5
"Comfortably Numb" Cliche for a reason!

Tuesday Number 4
"Overture" Damn Pete, I knew you were good, but this is your best.

Wednesday Number 3
"Sultans Of Swing" (Two different solos in this)

Number 2
You've heard this one a million times, but you never really hear it unless you listen for it.

Number 1
I first heard this in 1983 when it was first released, Tom Guild played it on WQDR, it was the first song on the album. I was rolling into town for the first time and it must have been 101 degrees.