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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Grammys 2011 Wednesday

We flew in to Los Angeles and checked into The Omni and took the Metro to Hollywood and walked around with the purpose being to head to In-N-Out and a we arrived there, Hollywood High School had let out and that is where they all go after school.

Yeah so we watched a little girl feed french fries to the birds there, it was cool.

It was hot here and that's fine but it's snowing in Raleigh and that would be better right now because it will 72 degrees soon enough in Raleigh. The Los Angeles people say they would LOVE to see some snow.

The radio show starts at 12 noon here, 3pm in Raleigh and it will be live on just search for Grammys 2011 and there it will be. We are having celebrities stop by and talk, so it will all be shown live, the Grammys are Sunday but the celebrities involved all come to the Staples Center on Thursday and Friday for radio interviews.

96rock webcam: (search for Grammys 2011)

The hotel is gorgeous but we're all up at 3:30 am for pete sakes.

The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood is down the road, Marilyn Monroe and all that history stuff.