Foster and Blade TV

Monday, October 13, 2008

Other On Air Resignations

We talked about this guy from Jacksonville who quit on the air just after he found out they were going to fire him so he jumps all over Cox Broadcasting and even threw out the names of some of the suits that were responsible for his firing. It gets cut off at the end. Funny.

That was funny and all but the all time on-air resignation mp3 is

Inetta the Mood Setta...we believe she is out of Mobile, Ala.

We talked about these resignations and compared them to Blade's , and we agreed that both were way funnier and entertaining than his. What's funny about Blade's is that he waited around and listened to The Who "The Song is Over" until they cut it off...THEN he walked out.
The movie FM was kind of like a DJ resigning on-air, but not really. The DJ's lock themselves up in the studio and play music and no commercials in rebellion to the new management that wants more commercials and less music. Cheese but a classic.